meet A Z U L - making the cutest waldorf doll ever!!!!!

so are you looking for a waldorf doll.......good luck!!!!
i couldn't order one, buy one......so i decided to make my own....

isn't she cute????? meet AZUL.....

hard to get...........www.bamboletta.com
cute ones on etsy.........check....
imogensgarden / appletreehouse / ruralmamma............

i might add one or two to the chimi and changa shop!!!!!!!!
happy monday everyone.........


  1. You did a fantastic job! I don't think that I would even attempt to make my own, but I know that Amelia would love one.

  2. I have been OBSESSED with teaching myself how to make one!!!
    I just can't justify the 120.00 for the one I would want AND I have 2 girls so that's 240.00 right there, WITHOUT matching outfits (which thank God I can also sew)...
    I think that often we get so inspired by other people that it's hard to think of things our own way, but also, it helps to have SO many talented people out there doing the same things, so we can help teach eachother!

  3. This is cute! But I'm disappointed that there were no instructions. Not a tutorial? I would love that. T'is adorable! :) Where do you find the time to do all this?


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