new cute little OWL UPcycle REcycled dresses.....

totally having so much fun with the new upcycled owl dresses!!!
i silk screened the little black owls........super super cute!!!!
please check my etsy store if you want one........
just perfect for summer!!!

working hard on getting a how-to silk screened this little owl tutorial .......


  1. SUPER NEAT!! Can't wait to see a tutorial!

  2. Funky fresh!! Love them. Is that a pink ice cream fabric I spy down the bottom there. How cute!! WOuld love a tutorial :)

  3. Just checked the shop. Lady, you are starting to sell out as fast as Miss Boo herself! Congratulations :) :) :)

  4. thanks lisa!!!
    hey bec i'm so glad you like them!!!!!! working super hard but not quite miss boo......but thank you for such a big compliment.......i only wish!!!!!! checking your blog right now........xoxoxoxoxox


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