to think/love alice in wonderland!!!

finished reading Alice in Wonderland

what a fun little book!

made some sketches!!!

to post on my blog inspired by all the great things out there.the movie, the MODA, my cousin's fashion show (endrina), some very cool artists (alisaburke).

and of course chimi and changa.

took these fast, very fast pics this morning on our way... out to preschool.missing our funny cat (DAD) and the famous tea party.more to come..............


  1. You are so gifted! I love being able to see your work here :)
    Ohh and yes, i looove Alice in wonderland too!

  2. YAY! Those are fabulous. I Am Late. That is perfect, it's my mantra LOL.
    Those are wonderful!!!!

  3. These are so fun! I love the look on Alice's face and the I am late! I am late, I need to get off the computer!

  4. The sketches AND photos are great....I'm always late (jejeje)!

  5. Cute pic of you :) And, I love this Alice in Wonderland series!


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