to welcome black bird to the house!!

i posted couple of days ago.
that i heart this
and since i can't just sit.
and watch the superbowl.
this is what happened.

chimi in front of the black bird.

covered an old nude.
yeah sad.
but moving on.

sketched bird.

chimi again in front of the bird.
changa wanted to be in the picture.
but had no clothes on.

i always.
always paint upside down.
and used dry fast.
cheap acrylic paint.

black for the bird.
of course.

hang to dry.
not sure what will replace the bird.
but for now we welcome it!!!!!


  1. Painting upside down, huh? Hmmm......very interesting. Must try it.
    Love your home and the art is gorgeous!

  2. oh my gosh...i love this bird!!!!!!!!!


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