to keep black bird alive

keep researching this black bird idea.
here's one from cavern.
that i just love.
last night i felt like adding.
more birds to the wall.
mainly to make some company.
for big eames bird.

so i did this.

and it's sitting next to this.

i just used black spray.
on a painted blue canvas.
a bird template.
you can buy here.

and i heart these two rooms.....
don't have a baby.
but chimi and changa (now 3)
can survive an upgrade....

blackbird wallpaper
from cavern
plantation in venice ca.


  1. Wow! I want that nursery. Nothing I love more than black and white! Funny because all the art I collect is black and white....but anything I create is colorful!! :)

  2. thanks shari! how funny!!! you and me both...i love black and white! my fav!!!....but when i paint well!!!!! there's never enough colors for me...hahahahhah:-)

  3. that would be fun. awesome job.
    I have a little award for you over on my blog here:

  4. LOVE the new painting! Simple but so beautiful. Gorgeous colours too. Look great :)

  5. I've had that black, white & yellow bedroom in my inspiration file for a long time! I have always loved it. You could do something awesome with the birds on their bedroom walls.


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