to add paintings to the store

i'm painting the rest of week!
lots of request for more owls.....


  1. How am I supposed to narrow it down? I want them all. Ok, I need to get hubby's input on our next. I need 3 total, have 1 already. Love them all.

  2. Wow! What beautiful happy work. It's fantastic :P I love all the owls!

  3. Ohhhhhhh i LOVE LOVE LOVE your paintings!!!!! HOw much are they??

  4. Your art is amazing! :) Do you mind if I use one of them as wallpaper on my computer? I'm definitely interested in buying a couple for my kids' rooms. :) Do you do custom/personalized art?

  5. yes! i can custom personalized!!!!
    my email skolsted@aol.com
    not sure why i'm not getting my updates on my phone ;-(

    the paintings are $18 for a print 8x11
    if you buy two or more i can give you 20% discount....

  6. These are fantastic. The texture is so fitting for these birds! Lovin' it!

  7. Hello :) Just wanted to say thanks for getting back to me. Sorry i didn't reply sooner, but i have just celebrated my biggest boy :) He is now 3 !!! I would love to buy some of your prints. Will try and decide which ones, they are all gorgeous!!

    x Lone


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